5 Best LED Headlight Types

There are four main types of headlight assemblies available for purchase as aftermarket parts for custom mods: projector headlights, halo headlights, LED headlights, and Euro headlamps. While each type has its own distinct features, some lights can be classified as multiple types, leaving many automobile owners scratching their heads, wondering what type to choose.

Often, vehicle owners contact us wanting to know which type of headlight is the best, but there’s no easy way to answer that question for a customer. Ultimately, the right type will depend on your personal taste, the type of vehicle that you have, your driving habits, and your budget.

The purpose of this guide is to give you food for thought, and things to keep in mind while you shop for custom headlights. The guide is broken up not just into the main styles of custom headlights, but into some other categories as well to make your decision easier.

Euro Headlights Style

What Are They? Available in many styles and shapes, Euro style headlight assemblies have an aerodynamically designed glass lens cover that is flush with the headlamp housing. The result is a headlight that will look similar to the car’s original headlights, but with a more modern or contemporary feel.

What’s Great About Them? Euro style headlights are often less expensive than other custom lighting options, making them a great way to update the look of your vehicle on a budget.

Projector Headlights

What Are They? Projector headlights consist of outer lens covers placed over projector beam bulbs that have an almost laser beam look when you turn the custom headlights on.

What’s Great About Them? Projector headlights look incredibly stylish whether they’re lit or unlit. They are very contemporary and sleek, so they can dramatically change the look of an older vehicle.

Halo Headlight Lights

What Are They? Halo lights shine in a ring pattern, rather than solid beams of light. You can purchase them with CCFL, LED, plasma, or incandescent lights.

What’s Great About Them? Halo lights provide the most dramatic change in the appearance of the front of a car. CCFL, LED, and plasma versions will all provide much brighter illumination than traditional incandescent lights, enhancing visibility, and improving safety.

U Bar Style Halo Lights

What Are They? U style halo lights can be thought of as a squared off halo headlight. When illuminated, the headlights shine in a straight line or horseshoe shape, rather than a continuous beam.

What’s Great About Them? The benefits of U bar style halo lights are largely the same as traditional halo ring lights; however, they give a car an entirely different look that some describe as futuristic.

LED Headlights

What Are They? LED headlights feature lights that produce illumination through the use of light emitting diodes. They are available in many different forms, including halo rings, conventional beam headlights, and as bars that mount underneath halogen or incandescent headlights.

What’s Great About Them? LED headlights consume less energy than other types of auto lighting, yet they provide much brighter illumination. High quality LEDs can provide thousands of hours of illumination. You can even purchase colored versions that shine in just one color, or that alternate between two or more colors.

Considering Lamp Colors

Custom headlights are available in three different looks:

  • Black headlights are built onto a black background, or bezel and have clear lenses
  • Chrome headlights are built onto a silver background, or bezel and have clear lenses
  • Smoke headlights have a chrome bezel with a tinted lens over the headlights, which makes the headlight blend in more with the housing when it’s not illuminated

Truly the best way to determine what type is right for you, is to spend time  finding out what styles of headlights are available for your particular make and model of vehicle. At PMLIT.com, they have a huge selection of aftermarket headlights available, giving you a large number of styles from which to choose, regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. Check out what’s in stock for your car, truck, or SUV, or feel free to contact us for some personalized shopping assistance.