Best Jeep Cherokee for Sale in Connecticut:

Jeep has always been a brand focused on the manufacture of off – road high-performance off-road vehicles. Models such as the mythical Jeep Wrangler or the Grand Cherokee have been for decades the most sought after options by those who needed robust and reliable vehicles for the mountain.  Are you a jeep lover, and looking for Jeep Cherokee for Sale in CT? Then you are the right place! But the world of the automobile does not stop evolving and for that reason Jeep has dared to completely renew the Cherokee to adapt it to a more modern and urban design, thus opening a new window to the crossover vehicles, halfway between SUVs. The new Jeep Cherokee raises the bar with improved road handling, maneuverability and fuel economy while maintaining its 4×4 capabilities and exclusive technology in its category.

For those who demand form and content, the new Jeep offers a compact size within an avant-garde design and that does not follow the aesthetic lines marked by any other vehicle of the brand. In this way, the Cherokee presents a unique and elegant style with a fresh and aggressive exterior appearance, honoring the legacy of a car marketed since 1974 and that has always displayed a different appearance to the rest of competitors. The main mechanical novelty introduced by this model is the nine-speed automatic transmission and a new configuration of front-wheel drive or two 4X4 traction systems:  Active Drive and Active Drive Lock, with the rear differential lock to optimize off-road capabilities.

Inside we find a vehicle in which special attention has been paid to the quality of the details, with an extensive use of soft-touch materials combined with angled and modern shapes. The new Jeep Patriot for Sale in CT is ease of use of the components has prevailed, adapting in the central console a TFT screen of 7 inches to color that allows the driver to enjoy a personalized user experience with all kinds of functionalities. There are three ranges of finishes for the model, Longitude, Limited and Trail hawk. The first two are available with front-wheel drive or with a 4×4 traction.

For their part, the Trail hawk versions  are intended for the customer who is still looking for a pure all-terrain vehicle, as this time the Jeep Active Drive Lock system with locking system is included as standard.  rear differential and reduction. All versions have a ground selector in the center console to adapt the vehicle to the conditions, depending on whether you drive in Auto (automatic), Sand/Mud or Rock (rocks) in the case of the Trailhawk version. Once again we are talking about a Jeep that has obtained five stars in the safety tests. If you liked this innovative model, at the official Jeep Connecticut we can offer you all the vehicle information as well as arrange a test to see first-hand the improvements applied to this new generation of the new Jeep Cherokee for Sale in Connecticut