What About Those Extra’s You Can Add To Your Vehicle:

There are some day’s you jump in your car in +30 degree weather and you dream about having a convertible or even just a sunroof… but is it worth the extra money you would need to pay in order to have a sunroof? Let’s discuss a few options and see what our best bet is with extra’s and if there are worth the money. We are talking new vehicles, when you first sit down and talk to your salesperson and they try and upsell you whatever they can. If you were looking at getting a simple used vehicle then head on over to used cars in henderson.

Now it all depends on your situation and how long you keep your car for. If you are someone who likes to trade in their car every couple years then maybe opting for the extra warranty will not do any good for you. It could though be of value when you go to sell your vehicle. However it’s extra money at the time that you would not need to spend. There are many extra plans that a dealer can try and sell you such as a disability plan or life insurance plan on your vehicle in case something happens to you- your vehicle is covered. Each to your own, if that sounds appealing to you then why not. It’s there for a reason.

You will notice that when you go to the dealership you will be asked many questions regarding upgrading your vehicle with dealership installed equipment. For example: extra chrome features and running boards. If you are good at negotiating and you are paying full price for a brand new vehicle, you shouldn’t have to pay for those little extras- or if you do you should pay very little. These are extra’s that the dealership is banking in on. You can also get these extras done another time at a different place for a fraction of the price.

Be on the lookout for auto packages for the overall appearance of your vehicle. This will include a high detailed wax job or so many oil changes for this much. Although at the time it might seem like the best deal possible, most of the time it’s not but the money you are spending already- what’s a couple hundred dollars more to keep your car looking top notch. Like I said, each to your own. If you have the money and you think it is worth it- by all means go for it. However, if you are trying to save some money there are ways around it by being a little basic.

My last dealer inspired extra would be the car alarm. Most vehicles already come with this as a basic but some dealer’s try and charge people extra for an additional alarm. Just know how to say no and you will be fine. Don’t fall for extra’s that you can’t afford and simply don’t need.