The Best Riding Accessories from the Future

Riding is a very popular hobby. A lot of people love taking long rides on their favorite motorcycle. There is something about riding that appeals to many. The experience is almost addictive too. After your first road trip on a motorcycle, you will want to plan your next long trip almost immediately.

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Naturally, it is technology that improves the whole experience of riding a motorcycle. Bikes are not only more powerful these days, but also more refined and efficient. There are also accessories designed to make riding more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable at the same time.

CrossHelmet from Borderless

Helmets haven’t changed that much in recent years. We still have the same shape and features as we had years ago. If anything, modern full-face helmets are much tighter and face-crunching than older models; this is one of the ways manufacturers have tried to improve safety.

Borderless Inc, a startup based in Japan, is trying to change that through a Kickstarter campaign. The company recently introduced CrossHelmet, a modern take on the safety equipment. From the presentations we’ve seen so far, it is a promising product.

For starters, CrossHelmet abandons the more traditional shape for modern, futuristic design lines. It also comes with a rear-mounted camera and an improved Heads-up Display (HUD). It allows you, the rider, to see what’s behind you and get information from your phone at the same time.

There are other smart helmets on the market, but none has the appeal of the CrossHelmet. The unique shape and the extra attention to rider comfort make this helmet an interesting accessory to pick up.

Ami Powersports Visor Insert

Another interesting piece of tech that is making riding safer is the visor insert from Ami Powersports. Named the AX-12, the visor insert is designed specifically for Arai helmets. Its main feature is the liquid-crystal visor itself. With a push of a button, you can alter the shade of your helmet visor.

The kit comes with a battery pack; unfortunately, the liquid-crystal visor needs power to work. You get around 40 hours of use on a single charge. Once it is out of power, you basically have a clear visor that you can still use normally.

Throttle Limiter

This next one is more of a feature than an accessory, but it is a feature that is growing in popularity. Throttle limiter lets you adjust the amount of power a rider can use. In bigger bikes, throttle limiter is handy for an extra layer of safety. Considering bikes can have more than 150 horsepower these days, a throttle limiter which prevents accidental jumps is a handy instrument to have.

This device is also now a standard in smaller motorcycles such as the CRF 50F by Honda Powersports, since it allows parents to limit the power of their children’s motorcycles. There are even electronic versions of the throttle limiter, along with add-on kits that can be added to a wide range of motorcycles.

These are the different ways technology is improving motorcycle riding and the experience you get when touring. They are not only cool and futuristic, but also making riding safer.