Administrative formalities when buying a car

The registration procedure is much simpler when you buy a car from a professional than RTA Renew Car Registration. He can take charge of the formalities and deliver the vehicle with the registration card and the new license plates. On the other hand, in the transaction between individuals, you must take care of all these steps yourself.  Only accept the conclusion of the transaction if the non-professional salesperson presents all the administrative documents. Do not settle for a promise like, “Trust me, I’ll send you the missing pieces in the mail.”

You buy your car from a professional

When your dealer is an agent, it’s usually him who will take care of all the steps for you. The customer has only to initial the order form on which are stipulated all the information necessary for the circulation of the vehicle. The seller then deals with all the formalities related to the new registration and the laying of license plates. The execution of these procedures may be subject to a fixed fee.

Do not forget that any vehicle over the age of four must undergo a technical inspection. Do not hesitate to ask the attestation to the seller. Attention, some merchants do not take charge of the registration. In this case, it will be up to you to make the necessary arrangements with the prefecture.

You buy your car to a private individual

It’s a bit like the fighter’s course. First you have to list all the parts that you will have to ask the seller and then ensure during the transaction that he provides you with the right documents. Fortunately, we have listed for you the documents essential to the registration of a vehicle:

  • Thevehicle registration document (or Certificate of Registration) must be crossed out at the time of payment. The seller must also indicate on the registration card clearly that his car has been sold on the date of the day (the time may also be indicated) and above all, to affix his signature.
  • A certificate of status or non-pledgedated less than one month. It indicates that the vehicle is not subject to any judicial opposition.
  • The technical inspection report: mandatory when the vehicle is more than 4 years old and the buyer is unprofessional. It must be dated less than 6 months.
  • The certificate of transfer: available in prefecture, it must be filled by the hand of the seller, without erasure, in duplicate. Its signature must correspond to that of the gray card. Prefectures are generally picky about this.