5 summer maintenance Tips

The summer is here and it is time to take that road trip we have been talking about for a long time now. We have passed all the bags, checked alternative directions and even printed out a map. Is there anything you have forgotten? Yes. You need to make sure that your car is up for the journey, you need to make sure that whatever weather or roads you face your car will be just fine. You need to be confident that your vehicle will get you from point a to point b and back to point a with as little problems as possible. This guide was written to help friends and family on their way to the prefect summer road trip.


The first and most important thing to check are your tyres, your tyres should be able to handle whatever you throw at them during the course of your journey. You should check the tyre pressure to make sure that they are not under or over inflated as this might cause excess fuel consumption and loss of control of the steering. If you require new tyres you can look online for budget tyres at a competitive price.


If you are going to be driving in unfamiliar territory is it always a good idea to make sure that all the safety features in the car work like they are supposed to. Test out the windows, central locks, sun roof and any other thing.

Oil and Filter

Your oils are like the lifeblood of your car so it needs to be clean and always pumping to keep your car running smooth and cool. Specialist suggest changing the oil every 3000 miles and the filter ever 7500 miles. However, if you have not changed your fluids for a while or you cannot remember the last time you should do it before you set off on your road trip. You should also change your filters because at it bests it keeps particles from entering the engine and at its worst it allows dust and dirt into the engine and even contributes to clogging the oil causing build up and overheating.

Windscreen wiper

Your windscreen wipers are important when it comes to saving you money, a faulty wiper will leave scratches on your windscreen and those scratches will lead to cracks which are more difficult and more expensive to repair. A functioning windscreen wiper will protect your windscreen as well as clearing it in extreme conditions.


Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car and when driving in deserted and uneven roads it is always a comfort to know that your car is up to the task. The brakes will need to be replaced when the lining on the brake pad is worn down past the minimum specified thickness by the car manufacturer (This information can be found in the owner’s manual) or the state (Minimum thickness depending on residing country). You should take your car in if the brake pedal feels soft or if the pedal is resistant.